Conspire to Inspire the Teachers

A practice-based, interactive, creative-writing course aimed at offering upper primary, secondary teachers and those working in education the opportunity to develop their own writing and develop workshop techniques. Using creativity, play, curiosity and discovery, the course will leave participants ‘fuelled up tooled up, and fluid.’
John Hegley, Rommi Smith
29th May – 3rd June 2017

Don’t Stop Now! Taking Your Poetry Further

How can you push your poetry further, now you’ve started? The course offers ways to discover the poem-within-the-poem, the one you never knew was waiting. For early-stage and post-beginners.
Jane Draycott, Kim Moore
19th – 24th June 2017

From Inspiration to Craft: The Making and Shaping of a Poem

For all interested in exploring new avenues into unlocking creativity and shaping with attention to poetic craft and technique.  Find and develop your own poetic voice.  (Optional early evening meditation takes participants to a place of inner silence and stillness).
Pete Mullineaux, Moya Roddy
3rd – 8th July 2017

Tutored Retreat: Writers Write – Novel Writing

For anyone committed to a long-form prose project who needs the opportunity, time and space to progress their work.  In addition to individual tutorials, there will be daily writing workshops to guide your practice.
Hannah Vincent, Umi Sinha
17th – 22nd July 2017

Writing Poetry

For both new and experienced poets, drawing inspiration from the inner landscape of memory and the stunning dales surrounding the retreat. Explore the craft and mystery of writing poetry through workshops, readings and one-to-one tutorials.
Paul Henry, Philip Lyons
24th – 29nd July 2017

Character Portraits – Escaping The Ego

For those interested in depicting characters and personalities in poetry, writing in the second and third person. Use friends, family, lovers, strangers, objects and emotions to inject verve and versatility into your writing.
Rhian Edwards, Fleur Adcock
7th – 12th August 2017

Writing The Land: Crafting Poems From Inspired Communion

For all writers who feel inspired by nature and ecology. Through regular time outdoors, guided exercises, reading poetry and other sources, hone your craft and discover new ways of communing with and writing the land.
Helen Moore, Polly Atkin
21st – 26th August 2017

Re: Discovering Your Voice

For those keen to explore the connection between their writing and performance voice. Using a range of writing, vocal and physical exercises, create new pieces of poetry and spoken word, aiming to compose ‘not on the page,’ as Ferlinghetti said but, ‘on the tongue.’
Ben Mellor, Ian McMillan
4th – 9th September 2017

Musical Theatre

For anyone interested in bringing more musicality to their dramatic writing from musical theatre style songs, to underscoring to ambient sound. The course comes with a resident pianist able to play and arrange that song in your head.
Natasha Sutton-Williams, Phil Blandford
11th – 16th September 2017

Poetry: The Joy of Making

In its earliest form, a poem was a ‘thing made or created’.  This course concentrates on the making of new work and its presentation.  Using prompts of all kinds including the beautiful surroundings of Garsdale, you’ll sharpen your technique, liberate your voice and enjoy the buzz of creating new poems.
Simon Williams, Susan Taylor
18th – 23rd September 2017