Let There Be Voice! Writing and Performing Poetry

Develop and hone the art and craft of performance poetry with Lemn Sissay. 'Let there be voice!' is open to seasoned performers as well as those just starting to find their poetic voice.
Lemn Sissay – Tutor
Ben Mellor – Guest Performer
23rd – 28th July 2018
Escaping The Ego- Character Portraits - The Garsdale Retreat

Character Portraits – Escaping The Ego

For those interested in depicting characters and personalities in poetry, writing in the second and third person. Use friends, family, lovers, strangers, objects and emotions to inject verve and versatility into your writing.
Rhian Edwards – Tutor
Polly Atkin – Guest Reader
6th – 11th August 2018

The Blank Page – Novel Writing For Beginners

Have you got a brilliant idea for a novel but no idea how to start writing it? Or perhaps you have a colourful character waiting in the wings but nowhere to house him or her? Perhaps you have always wanted to write but have never found the time? This is a tutored novel writing retreat for beginners.
Hannah Vincent – Tutor
Carol Farrelly – Guest Reader
13th – 18th August 2018
‘Song Making’ - The Garsdale Retreat

‘Song Making’

This is a Tutored Retreat/Advanced Course for those with experience in lyric writing and composition but who wish to deepen and extend the range of their writing/composition. The course will involve a significant element of performance with newly created work being presented and performed each evening.
Willy Russell – Tutor
Nick Stimson – Tutor
27th August – 1st September 2018

Tutored Retreat: Novel Writing

For writers with ideas and some experience, looking for some dedicated time to progress a longer prose project in a supportive and friendly environment. Workshops and one-to-one tutorials as well as clear writing time will help you move your novel forward.
Zoë Strachan – Tutor
Andrew Mcmillan – Guest Reader
3rd – 8th September 2018

Straight to the Point

Sometimes a poem stops short of where it could actually go. Straight to the Point with Jo Bell concentrates on honing and shaping your work so that it is memorable, true and has a real impact on the reader.
Jo Bell – Tutor
Vidyan Ravinthiran – Guest Reader
17th – 22nd September 2018
The Good Books Last - Writing For Children - The Garsdale Retreat

The Good Books Last – Writing For Children

C S Lewis famously said that 'a children's story that is enjoyed only by children is a bad story, the good ones last’. A course for anyone interested in writing for children.
Ann Pilling – Tutor
Rachel Rooney – Guest Reader
1st – 6th October 2018
Writing Crime Fiction - The Garsdale Retreat

Writing Crime Fiction

Have you got an idea for a crime novel but don’t know what to do with it? Have you started a crime novel and got stuck/lost, or need help to move it on? Have you finished a crime novel and need to make it better? If so, then this course is for you.
Julia Crouch – Tutor
William Letford – Guest Reader
15th – 20th October 2018
Reading to write: How does other text inspire us? - The Garsdale Retreat

Reading to write: How does other text inspire us?

This course is for poets committed to exploring how inter-textual relationships open up possibilities for the development of their own writing. The aim is to produce a considerable amount of drafts and ignite unusual sources of inspiration.
Malika Booker – Tutor
Kate Fox – Guest Reader
29th Oct. – 3rd Nov. 2018
Tree - The Garsdale Retreat

Autumn Retreat (Untutored)

Indulge youself in the mists and mellow fruitfulness of Garsdale.
12th – 17th November 2018