Welcome 2017

There’s a lot to be said for living with a writer for a week. Besides learning more about the art and craft of writing, things begin to look different. The familiar becomes strange. New insights and perceptions are called into being and the individual reinvigorated. ‘The lover and the poet,’ writes Shakespeare ‘are of imagination all compact.’ As with the lover, the poet sees the world afresh and with renewed interest.

The Garsdale Retreat hopes to bring such excitement to those who take part in our first season of residential writing courses. We have a strong line-up of tutors, leading lights in the fields of poetry, playwrighting and prose and we also provide un-tutored retreats where you can escape from the noise and bustle of everyday life into the peace and beauty of the Yorkshire Dales.

We provide the time and space for writing. You can concentrate exclusively on developing your work without the irritations of domestic concerns. We cook all your meals and believe that whilst we are essentially nurturing minds, the body should not be neglected. We use locally sourced produce and provide meals of high quality.

Our accommodation is simple and comfortable and this, coupled with the stunning landscape of Garsdale, provides the perfect environment for engaging with your creativity. Once here, you can forget about driving for a week and just step out every day into the open countryside.

It is significant I think that the word inspiration is defined as ‘the drawing in of breath.’ We welcome you to The Garsdale Retreat. It is a wonderful place to draw breath, to take your creativity forward. We look forward to sharing it with you whether you are a new, emerging or experienced writer. Connect with nature. Be inspired. Breathe!


Hamish Wilson
Course Director