The Poetry of Celebration

Poetry’s role as a celebrant, marking life’s cornerstone moments and memorialising the noteworthy is traditionally renowned and established. But throughout this week, we’ll both share, read and write poems that also look at unlikely and untraditional subjects for celebration.
Jane Commane – Tutor
Elephant’s Footprint – Guests
18th – 23rd November 2019
The Garsdale Retreat in the snow.

Winter Retreat (Untutored) 2019

Now is the winter of your full content. Indulge yourself with log fires, mulled wine, outstanding food and the space to write.
25th – 30th November 2019

Poetry: With Form Comes Freedom

Using guided exercises, the course explores a range of form and subject matter to help you shape and write poems with confidence, thereby taking your writing to the next level. For the less experienced writer, those put off poetry at school or even those who just want to have a go.
Hamish Wilson – Tutor
Helen Tookey – Guest Reader
16th – 21st March 2020

Poetry: Poems ‘after’ Poems

This course aims to help you develop your poetry by exploring how new poems can emerge from existing ones. Poems ‘after’ Poems welcomes both new and experienced poets to develop their craft within a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.
Paul Henry – Tutor
Sarah Hymas – Guest Reader
30th March – 4th April 2020

Untutored April Retreat 2020

Shake off those winter blues and escape into the peace and beauty of The Yorkshire Dales! Leave all distractions behind so you can start, develop or finish that project and be nurtured with excellent food for both body and soul.
20th – 25th April 2020

Poetry: Poems of the Ordinary-Everyday

Read and write poems that make the ordinary extraordinary. Open to all, this course will look at strategies for celebrating and commemorating our everyday experiences through the medium of poetry.
Hannah Lowe – Tutor
Fleur Adcock – Guest Reader
27th April – 2nd May 2020

Memoir/Life Writing: Telling Your Story 2020

A course for new and more experienced writers on the art of memoir/life-writing/the writing of recollection at short or book length. Participants will learn techniques to access and shape their own stories.
Catherine Simpson – Tutor
John Hegley – Guest Reader
11th – 16th May 2020

Untutored May Retreat 2020

'Sumer is icumen in, Lhude sing cuccu…..' Let your writing blossom as summer arrives with its seasonal influx of house martins, curlews, lapwings and oyster catchers. Enjoy the space to write, free from domestic distractions and fuelled by outstanding food.
18th – 23rd May 2020

Tutored Retreat: Novel Writing 2020

For writers with ideas and some experience, looking for some dedicated time to progress a longer prose project in a supportive and friendly environment. Workshops and one-to-one tutorials as well as clear writing time will help you move your novel forward.
Zoë Strachan – Tutor
Louise Welsh – Guest Reader
1st – 6th June 2020
Poetry- Releasing the Spring - The Garsdale Retreat

Poetry: Animal Anima Animate

Breathe life in to your poems, drawing on your own anima, the inner creative drive from which poetry arises and polish your vocal skills in the presentation and mic use workshop.
Simon Williams – Tutor, Susan Taylor – Tutor
15th – 20th June 2020