2022 Residential Prices


To secure a place for a course, tutored retreat or untutored retreat: £150 (included in the prices below) Payable by direct bank transfer, PayPal or cheque. Please see Booking Form on course/retreat View Course page.


Due four weeks before the start of the course. If there are less than four weeks before a course/retreat at time of booking, the full amount will be payable.

Courses and Tutored Retreats – eight residential places (one non-residential) 

Single en-suite room: £860
Single room with shared bathrooms (3 bath/shower rooms between 6 people max.): £810
Twin room, for friends or relations only (two beds) with shared bathrooms: £760pp
Non-residential, includes all tuition, evening events and meals, except breakfast: £620

Untutored Retreats – seven places in total

Single en-suite room: £645
Single with shared bathrooms (3 bath/shower rooms between 5 people max.): £595

There are no shared bedrooms on an Untutored Retreat.

Online Courses – eight places in total 

All places: £430

All residential courses and retreats are fully catered with no cooking/washing-up duties. Prices include: all tuition*, guest reader*, all meals, accommodation, sheets and towels.
*Not on Untutored Retreats