Poetry - Permissions in Poetry - The Garsdale Retreat

Poetry: Permissions in Poetry | ONE PLACE LEFT

What does the idea of permission mean to us as poets? Looking at using the example of our literary ancestors and living poets to give ourselves permission to write about subjects and experiment with different techniques, we will also use permission as a tool to build confidence in our own work.
Kim Moore – Tutor
Vicki Feaver – Guest Reader
15th – 20th November 2021
Poetry - The Poetry of Now - The Garsdale Retreat

Poetry: The Poetry of Now | TWO PLACES LEFT

In this course we will read and write poems that respond to their times and explore poems written in the light of current world events, developing strategies for paying attention to the moment, from haiku to poetic journals.
Clare Pollard – Tutor
Carole Bromley – Guest Reader
29th November – 4th December 2021
Untutored December Retreat - The Garsdale Retreat

Untutored December Retreat | FULLY BOOKED (email for waiting list)

Now is the winter of your full content. Indulge yourself with log fires, outstanding food and the space to write.
13th – 18th December 2021

Untutored March Retreat

It is said that March ‘comes in like a lion, out a lamb.’ Whether wintry or vernal, enjoy the space to write, free from domestic distractions and fuelled by outstanding food.
7th – 12th March 2022
Memoir:Life Writing- Writing from Life

Memoir/Life Writing: Writing from Life

All lives are extraordinary if looked at in close enough detail. Come and join us to learn more about using your lived experience in your writing.
Catherine Simpson – Tutor
Chitra Ramaswamy – Guest Reader
21st – 26th March 2022
Poetry- A Body of Words copy

Poetry: A Body of Words

How can you make your poems live and breathe, both on and off the page? During the week we will explore a wide variety of styles, forms, writing processes and techniques, focusing on writing new poems.
Helen Mort – Tutor
Alan Buckley – Guest Reader
4th – 9th April 2022
Poetry- ‘Everything You can Imagine is Real’

Poetry: ‘Everything You can Imagine is Real’

Everything You Can Imagine is Real’: Poetry, the Real and the Surreal. Whether you’re keen to unleash the imagination more fully in your poems, or to give your visions a greater grounding in reality, this course will provide a range of strategies to allow your poems to sing with the weirdness of the everyday and the normality of the fantastic.
Jonathan Edwards – Tutor
William Letford – Guest Reader
25th – 30th April 2022
The Garsdale Retreat

Untutored May Retreat

Come to Garsdale in May, ‘Of spring and summer months the queen.’ (Clare) Leave off gathering nuts and enjoy the space to write, free from domestic distractions and fuelled by outstanding food.
9th – 14th May 2022
Poetry- Poems of the Ordinary-Everyday

Poetry: Poems of the Ordinary-Everyday

In this course we will read and write poems that make the ordinary extraordinary through the medium of poetry. Open to all, the course will offer both writing activities and feedback on poems-in-development.
Hannah Lowe – Tutor
Fleur Adcock – Guest Reader
23rd – 28th May 2022

Memoir/Life Writing: That Book in You

Everyone has a book in them'. Do we? Perhaps it's true when we write from our own experience. Whether it's a single episode from your life to craft into an essay, or a whole family history that's itching at your writing hand, this course will help you find the extraordinary in the authentic and write it to read like fiction.
Linda Cracknell – Tutor
Sally Magnusson – Guest Reader
6th – 11th June 2022