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‘Song Making’ - The Garsdale Retreat

‘Song Making’

This is a Tutored Retreat/Advanced Course for those with experience in lyric writing and composition but who wish to deepen and extend the range of their writing/composition. The course will involve a significant element of performance with newly created work being presented and performed each evening.

Willy Russell – Tutor
Nick Stimson – Tutor
27th August – 1st September 2018

Character Portraits – Escaping The Ego

For those interested in depicting characters and personalities in poetry, writing in the second and third person. Use friends, family, lovers, strangers, objects and emotions to inject verve and versatility into your writing.

Rhian Edwards – Tutor
Polly Atkin – Guest Reader
6th – 11th August 2018

Encounters and Collisions

Poets have always used encounters with things to inspire their writing.Come prepared to be immersed in reading and writing poetry! This course is suitable for both beginners and more experienced writers.

Kim Moore – Tutor
Ian McMillan – Guest Reader
5th – 10th March 2018


Whether you are just setting out or want to revitalise an existing project, this course will help develop your short or long form, fiction writing.

Linda Cracknell – Tutor
Rose Condo – Guest Reader
9th – 14th July 2018

From Inspiration to Craft: The Making and Shaping of a Poem

For all interested in exploring new avenues into unlocking creativity and shaping with attention to poetic craft and technique.  Find and develop your own poetic voice.  (Optional early evening meditation takes participants to a place of inner silence and stillness).

Pete Mullineaux – Tutor
Moya Roddy – Guest/Meditation
18th – 23rd June 2018

It’s Not Just About Daffodils – A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Poetry

For the less experienced or even the complete novice, those put off poetry at school or those who just want to have a go. Using guided exercises, the course explores a range of form and subject matter to help you shape and write poems with confidence. Arrive, a poetry virgin – leave, an emerging poet.

Hamish Wilson – Tutor
John Hegley – Guest Reader
9th – 14th April 2018

Let There Be Voice! Writing and Performing Poetry

Develop and hone the art and craft of performance poetry with Lemn Sissay. ‘Let there be voice!’ is open to seasoned performers as well as those just starting to find their poetic voice.

Lemn Sissay – Tutor
Ben Mellor – Guest Performer
23rd – 28th July 2018

Nothing Useless

Whatever your age, background or life, as Johnson puts in Rasselas, “To a poet nothing can be useless”: Duhig can help you identify and get the best out of your experience so you can write to the best of your ability.

Ian Duhig – Tutor
Hannah Lowe – Guest Reader
11th – 16th June 2018


Forge your own approach to playwriting with confidence on this playwriting course which will cover initial idea, character, scenes and structure, dialogue. Open to all levels.

April De Angelis – Tutor
Natasha Sutton-Williams – Guest Reader
25th – 30th June 2018

Poetry – The Joy of Making

In its earliest form, a poem was a ‘thing made or created’.  This course concentrates on the making of new work and its presentation.  Using prompts of all kinds including the beautiful surroundings of Garsdale, you’ll sharpen your technique, liberate your voice and enjoy the buzz of creating new poems.

Simon Williams – Tutor
Susan Taylor – Tutor
30th April – 5th May 2018