What They’ve Said So Far – The Garsdale Retreat 2017


What a privilege to be at your very first evening of poetry. May this venture flourish (Ann Pilling, poet, novelist and guest reader)

A wonderful place. I wish you all success. (Nick Stimson, playwright)

Thanks for a superb stay. (Willy Russell, writer)

Lovely to return as a tutor, love what you guys are doing. (Ben Mellor, spoken word poet and tutor)

A wonderful week’s writing and eating!  Thank you for your brilliant hosting, Hamish and Rebecca. (Hannah Vincent, novelist and tutor)

Very rich, enjoyable evening and loved your poetry, Hamish.  Thanks for the invite! (Umi Sinha, movelist and guest reader)

I love this place. (Paul Henry, poet and tutor)

An amazing location, a lovely house and great company. (Philip Lyons, poet and guest reader)

Thanks for a wonderful visit. (Fleur Adcock, poet and guest reader)

A wonderful, fruitful week. Sixty-three poems in four days. Sublime food and hospitality. (Rhian Edwards, poet and tutor)

Fabulous location. Brilliant hosting – the retreat will become a northern sanctuary for writers across the UK. (Paul Deaton, poet)

A splendid venture in the heart of the hills! Brilliant guest gig! Keep up the good work! This is a really special place. (Ian McMillan, poet and guest reader)

Wonderful time – such beautiful surroundings, food and hosts. Brilliant week! (Simon Williams, poet and tutor)

Ever so many thanks for a brilliant time. We were spoilt and our students were ace.(Susan Taylor, poet and tutor)

Thank you for having me guest.  Good folk and food and words.  What else is there? (Kate Fox, stand-up poet and guest reader)


Course Participants and ‘Retreatists’

Far beyond my hopes and expectations…..stunning food, wonderful walks and encouragement for writing – all in abundance.’ (Eleanor L, London)

‘The Garsdale Retreat lives true to Keats – I believe in nothing but the holiness of the heart’s affections and the truth of the imagination – thank you for a wonderful week.’ (Judith B, Australia)

This has been a wonderful experience on many levels. Hamish and Rebecca, you make a great team.  Thank you for your hospitality.  May The Garsdale Retreat go from strength to strength. (Ian P, Bristol)

Many thanks for a relaxing and refreshing stay at your beautiful and restful place. Stimulating company and wonderful food! Empowering! (Amelia J, London)

Great company and hospitality, wonderful and windy walking, fabulous food. thank you very much. (Penny S, Marple)

How wonderful!  What a privilege to be a part of your first week.  Nutritious food for body and soul!  (Fiona B, Bucks)

Great two nights of lovely food, music and poetry.  (Annie R, Liverpool)

Thank you for a wonderful time.  Good luck for the future.  (Heather S, Devon)

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! (Dana N, Accrington)

Fantastic.  So enjoyable and brilliant hosts.  Thank you!  (Hannah H, Cambridge)

So wonderful. Writing on track again.  Most delicious food.  Thank you for looking after us.  (Carol F, Edinburgh)

Really wonderful hospitality in a great landscape – a rest to create.  (Roger J, London)

Generosity is the way to describe the Cordon Bleu food, the hospitality, the hosts and tutor who all gave of their time, attention and support. (Jean S, Settle)

Pure joy! Wonderful company, stunning food, perfect for poetry. Loved it all. (Chris L. Canada)

What a perfect retreat!  Thank you so much for being fantastic hosts and for such delicious food.  The setting, the people, the poetry – all wonderful! (Kathryn H, Cardiff)

Great house, great hospitality, brilliant course!! (Nicola W, Ipswich)

Fabulous, I’ll be back! (Gabrielle O’D, Epsom)

Brilliant week – fantastic food and fabulous hosts.  Will be back! (Lyn L, York)

A fantastic week. Poetry and food in abundance! (Louise L, York)

Loved every minute – such warmth – magnificent hospitality.  (Jane L, London)

Such an inspiration! Gorgeous food and warm spirit.  (Janice K. – Canada)

Wonderful location, amazing food, very creative week.  (Clare E, Chesham)

A delightful place to stay, work and play!  (Trevor Germon, Exeter)

A beautiful inspirational stay – fabulous hosts, poetry and food. (John F, London)

Wonderful place, will be telling people back home about it! (Ian C, Singapore)

I love this place!  A delightful week of space and stimulation and amazing food. (Dawn H, London)

Excellent course!  Good company.  Wonderful food.  What’s not to like?  I’ll be back….. (Linda M, Letchworth)

Thank you both – food for body, brain and soul.  (Judith A, Edinburgh)

Thanks for a great time, lovely food and company.  (Sally M-S, Malmesbury)