Tutors 2019

Writing Poetry - The Garsdale Retreat

Writing Poetry

Develop your art within a friendly, supportive environment, drawing inspiration from the inner landscape of memory and the stunning Dales surrounding the retreat. Explore the craft and mystery of writing poetry through workshops, readings and one-to-one tutorials. For both new and experienced poets.
Paul Henry – Tutor
Vidyan Ravinthiran – Guest Reader
25th – 30th March 2019
Writing Fiction - The Garsdale Retreat

Writing Fiction

This course is suitable for writers arriving with a blank page as well as those bringing a project they have already started work on. Whether you are interested in writing a novel or a short story, this course is for you.
Hannah Vincent – Tutor
David Morley – Guest Reader
8th – 13th April 2019
Poetry- Releasing the Spring - The Garsdale Retreat

Poetry: Releasing the Spring

Seizing the moment, naming each part of the moment. What do poems do with time - how do they speed it up or slow it down? A look at subjects from many different directions, including location, voice and time frame, to produce fresh perspectives for the poems we write.
Susan Taylor – Tutor
Simon Williams – Tutor
29th April – 4th May 2019
Tutored Poetry Retreat- Closing in on the Book - The Garsdale Retreat

Tutored Poetry Retreat: Closing in on the Book

This Tutored Poetry Retreat is designed for a limited number of writers to work intensively with a focus on individual sessions. Open to all serious about taking their poetry to the next level.
Ian Duhig – Tutor
Kim Moore – Guest Reader
13th – 18th May 2019
Poetry- The Long or the Short of It - The Garsdale Retreat

Poetry: The Long or the Short of It

This course, through close-readings of different examples of form, aims to push your own poems and forms in new directions and lengths.
Andrew McMillan – Tutor
Fleur Adcock – Guest Reader
10th – 15th June 2019
Poetry- Straight to the Point - The Garsdale Retreat

Poetry: Straight to the Point

Sometimes a poem stops short of where it could actually go. Straight to the Point with Jo Bell concentrates on honing and shaping your work so that it is memorable, true and has a real impact on the reader.
Jo Bell – Tutor
Clare Shaw – Guest Reader
24th – 29th June 2019
Tutored Retreat-Novel Writing - The Garsdale Retreat

Tutored Retreat: Novel Writing

For writers with ideas and some experience, looking for some dedicated time to progress a longer prose project in a supportive and friendly environment. Workshops and one-to-one tutorials as well as clear writing time will help you move your novel forward.
Zoë Strachan – Tutor
Louise Welsh – Guest Reader
8th – 13th July
Fiction Writing - Making Up Truths - The Garsdale Retreat

Fiction Writing – Making Up Truths

Whether you are just setting out or want to revitalise an existing project, this course will help you find inspiration and develop skills in fiction writing, whether short or long form.
Linda Cracknell – Tutor
Carol Farrelly – Guest Reader
22nd – 27th July 2019
Memoir-Life Writing - Telling Your Story - The Garsdale Retreat

Memoir/Life Writing – Telling Your Story

A course for new and more experienced writers on the art of memoir/life-writing/the writing of recollection at short or book length.
Catherine Simpson – Tutor
Kate Fox – Guest Reader
9th – 14th September

Poetry: Getting Poems Done

This rigorous yet fun course will take your writing to the next level, whether you are well published or only just starting out. Through a process of studying a diverse range of poems and their techniques, you will create new work in a supportive and stimulating workshop environment.
Roger Robinson – Tutor
Steve Ely – Guest Reader
23rd – 28th September 2019
It’s Not Just About Daffodils - Starting Poetry - The Garsdale Retreat

It’s Not Just About Daffodils – Starting Poetry

For the new or less experienced writer, those put off poetry at school or those who just want to have a go. Using guided exercises, the course explores a range of form and subject matter to help you shape and write poems with confidence.
Hamish Wilson – Tutor
Rose Condo – Guest Reader
21st – 26th October 2019

The Poetry of Celebration

Poetry’s role as a celebrant, marking life’s cornerstone moments and memorialising the noteworthy is traditionally renowned and established. But throughout this week, we’ll both share, read and write poems that also look at unlikely and untraditional subjects for celebration.
Jane Commane – Tutor
Elephant’s Footprint – Guests
18th – 23rd November 2019