Tutors 2024

Poetry: Surprising Ourselves in Poetry – FULLY BOOKED – email for waiting list

Saying what you mean in writing feels good. Maybe even better is the way we can surprise ourselves in poetry. Whether you're new to writing poetry or in need of some refreshment, come and explore how we can surprise ourselves and spark each other's thinking in a small supportive group.
Philip Gross – Tutor
Katharine Towers – Guest Reader
15th – 20th April 2024

Fiction: Writing Fiction – FULLY BOOKED – email for waiting list

This fiction writing course is suitable for writers at any stage of their creative journey, whether just starting out, working on a novel or short stories, or in the process of developing an idea.
Sally O’Reilly – Tutor
Sally Magnusson – Guest Reader
29th April – 4th May 2024

Tutored Poetry Retreat: Developing Your Poetry – FULLY BOOKED – email for waiting list

This tutored retreat is designed for writers to work intensively with a focus on individual sessions to help them develop their work. This tutored retreat includes one 90 minute group workshop and one 30 minute individual tutorial each day.
Steve Ely – Tutor
Fleur Adcock – Guest Reader
3rd – 8th June 2024
Tutored Retreat- Novel Writing

Tutored Retreat: Novel Writing – FULLY BOOKED – email for waiting list

Novelists, memoirists, short story writers – do you need time, space and encouragement to move your manuscript forward? This retreat is for prose writers who want guidance and motivation to help their work-in-progress achieve its potential.
Zoë Strachan – Tutor
Louise Welsh – Guest Reader
17th – 22nd June 2024

Poetry: Writing the Self/Hiding the Self FULLY BOOKED – email for waiting list

During this poetry course, we will explore the joy and the perils of writing about the self in poetry. Using a wide and diverse range of poetry, we’ll examine how our life experiences can enrich our poetry and how our inner landscape can be rich and fertile ground for creativity.
Kim Moore – Tutor
Liz Berry – Guest Reader
1st – 6th July 2024
Life Writing- That Book in You

Memoir/Life Writing: That Book in You – FULLY BOOKED – email for waiting list

Everyone has a book in them'. Do we? Perhaps it's true when we write from our own experience. Whether it's a single episode from your life to craft into an essay, or a whole family history that's itching at your writing hand, this course will help you find the extraordinary in the authentic.
Linda Cracknell – Tutor
Sam Miller – Guest Reader
2nd – 7th September 2024
Fiction- Developing Your Writing

Fiction: Developing Your Writing

This fiction writing course is suitable for writers of all levels and will be helpful whether you arrive at Garsdale with a blank page or with a project on which you have already started work.
Hannah Vincent – Tutor
Alice Jolly – Guest Reader
30th September – 5th October 2024

Poetry: Writing Poetry

We’ll consider the craft and mystery of poetry, along with the creative choices we make. This course welcomes both new and experienced poets who are keen to develop their work within a friendly, supportive environment.
Paul Henry – Tutor
Stephen Knight – Guest Reader
14th – 19th October 2024
Poetry- Writing Poetry for Children

Poetry: Writing Poetry for Children – ONLY THREE PLACES LEFT!

Ever wanted to try writing poetry for children? Or maybe you already do and would like to share ideas, take part in exercises to spark new poems and polish up your poems in manuscript workshops. Everyone from beginners to experienced poets welcome on this stimulating course.
Carole Bromley – Tutor
John Hegley – Guest Reader
28th October – 2nd November 2024

Poetry: The Big Things: Poetry & Reaching for the Big through the Detail – FULLY BOOKED – email for waiting list

Poetry is invaluable for addressing the most important things in life: love, loss, joy, sadness, the family, the natural world. If there’s an important subject you just can’t find the way to write about, or even if you’re looking to discover new subjects, this course will give you a wide range of strategies to take all that beauty, humour and personality inside us and allow the reader to make it their own.
Jonathan Edwards – Tutor
Steve Pottinger – Guest Reader
25th – 30th November 2024