Untutored June Retreat

‘Sumer is icumen in, Lhude sing cuccu…..’ Let your writing blossom as summer arrives with its seasonal influx of house martins, curlews, lapwings and oyster catchers. Enjoy the space to write, free from domestic distractions and fuelled by outstanding food.
20th – 25th June 2022
Poetry- Writing Poetry

Poetry: Writing Poetry

We’ll consider the craft and mystery of poetry, along with the creative choices we make. This course welcomes both new and experienced poets who are keen to develop their work within a friendly, supportive environment.
Paul Henry – Tutor
Rebecca Watts – Guest Reader
4th – 9th July 2022
Tutored Retreat- Novel Writing

Tutored Retreat: Novel Writing

For writers with ideas and some experience, looking for some dedicated time to progress a longer prose project in a supportive and friendly environment. Workshops and daily one-to-one tutorials as well as clear writing time will help you move your novel forward.
Zoë Strachan – Tutor
Louise Welsh – Guest Reader
18th – 23rd July 2022

Untutored August Retreat

Leave those domestic chores behind and escape to the peace and tranquillity of a Garsdale summer.  Indulge yourself with space and time to write in idyllic surroundings. Meet up with your muse… 
22nd – 27th August 2022
Tutored Poetry Retreat- The Next Leap Forward

Tutored Poetry Retreat: The Next Leap Forward

This tutored retreat is designed for a limited number of writers to work intensively with a focus on individual sessions to help them develop a body of work. This tutored retreat includes one group workshop and one 30 minute individual tutorial each day.
Mimi Khalvati – Tutor
Ilse Pedler – Guest Reader
12th – 17th September 2022

Untutored September Retreat

Departing summer hath assumed / An aspect tenderly illumed.....' 'Tenderly illume,' your writing with an autumnal excursion to the unfaded beauty of the Yorkshire Dales. Dedicate time and space to your writing, escape domestic chores and be nurtured by outstanding hospitality.
26th September – 1st October 2022

Memoir/Life Writing: Telling Your Story

A course for new and more experienced writers on the art of memoir/life-writing/the writing of recollection at short or book length. Participants will learn techniques to access and shape their own stories. 
Catherine Simpson – Tutor
Alan Johnson – Guest Reader
10th – 15th October 2022

Untutored October Retreat

Treat yourself to the mists and mellow fruitfulness of Garsdale and give your writing a seasonal massage! Dedicate time and space to your writing, escape domestic chores and be nurtured by outstanding hospitality.
17th – 22nd October 2022
Poetry- Apocalypse! - The Garsdale Retreat

Poetry: Apocalypse!

How might poets respond to the violence, crises and dislocations of the contemporary world?  Do Apocalyptic times demand a new, Apocalyptic poetics?  On this course participants will encounter a range of approaches, techniques and methods that might help them explore the turbulence of the times without resorting to the ranter’s soapbox or succumbing to lyric despair.
Steve Ely – Tutor
Helen Tookey – Guest Reader
31st October – 5th November 2022
Fiction Writing Tutored Course 2022 - The Garsdale Retreat

Fiction Writing

This course is suitable for writers arriving with a blank page as well as those bringing a project they have already started work on. Whether you are interested in writing a novel or a short story, this course is for you.
Hannah Vincent – Tutor
Tania Hershman – Guest Reader
14th – 19th November 2022